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years of tutoring experience

With valuable experience accumulated over the decade, Tutor Young will help you to get an 'A'! 

He can show that you don't need to be a PhD or a scholar to understand Physics.


Tutor Young will help you to excel in Physics, not by merely memorizing, but through understanding. Instead of remembering hundreds of formula, you can score well by just knowing a few.

"In PowerPhysics, you will “feel” physics,

rather than merely going through the formulae.

You will be exposed to more than enough questions

so that you can achieve your academic goals."

conducted over 



hours of lesson

Taught students from:



Colorful Notebooks


来自诺雅初级学院的Jden (2019)

我是诺雅初级学院的Jden(2019年J2)。杨老师是一位耐心细致的老师,他以自己的教学为荣。在他的指导下,我的成绩从年中考试的 U 大幅提高到高一晋级考试的 B。在课程中,杨先生不仅讲解了基本的公式和概念,他还为我们分解了它,以便我们了解如何轻松地推导出公式,而不是死记硬背每一个公式。他还介绍了更深入的概念,这些概念通常不会在学校笔记和技巧中涵盖,这些概念和技巧可以帮助解决考试中出现的更难的问题。他确保我们理解每个问题的基本概念,以便我们将来能够将相同的概念应用于类似的问题。

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