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能从 O Level 物理中存活下来吗?

O-Level 纯物理是理工学院和 JC 中许多课程的基础。





Power Physics 的宗旨是帮助您建立一个超级强大的基础。您将形成强烈而深刻的理解,并通过轻松愉快的方法学习。


Power Physics 将使您能夠通过3-Power 方法做得很好。


The first thing is to play with the concepts, left to right, up to down,

inside and outside.


Once you understand the concepts, it become very easy to apply on questions no matter what angle they come from. 


No matter how the questions change, you will be able to detect the slightest change as you understand the concepts.


You will get chance to practise the most critical questions type by type and level by level.


Our systematic practice will let you understand how you can link the core physics concepts with the questions.


“No man is an island” so do physics concepts.

“No physics concepts is a stand alone concept.”


They are all inter-related.

All topics can be related to each other via one way or another.


An in-depth preparation of doing cross topics questions will help you to master the understanding of physics.

Power of Preparation

使用 3-Power 方法,您将可以在考试中表现出色并更好地了解世界的力量。


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