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A-Level H2 物理筆記

Chapter 3: Dynamics


Balance and unbalanced forces
Free-body diagram


(a) Apply Newton's Laws to:
(i) describe the effect of balanced and unbalanced forces on a body
(ii) describe the ways in which a force may change the motion of a body
(iii) identify action-reaction pairs acting on two interacting bodies (stating of Newton's Laws is not required)

(b) Identify forces acting on an object and draw free-body diagram(s) representing the forces acting on the object (for cases involving forces acting in at most 2 dimensions).

(c) Solve problems for a static point mass under the action of 3 forces for 2-dimensional cases (a graphical method would suffice).

(d) Recall and apply the relationship resultant force = mass × acceleration to new situations or to solve related problems.

(e) Explain the effects of friction on the motion of a body.

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