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A-Level H2 物理筆記

Chapter 16: Static Electricity


Laws of electrostatics
Principles of electrostatics
Electric field
Applications of electrostatics


(a) State that there are positive and negative charges and that charge is measured in coulombs.

(b) State that unlike charges attract and like charges repel.

(c) Describe an electric field as a region in which an electric charge experiences a force.

(d) Draw the electric field of an isolated point charge and recall that the direction of the field lines gives the direction of the force acting on a positive test charge.

(e) Draw the electric field pattern between two isolated point charges.

(f) Show understanding that electrostatic charging by rubbing involves a transfer of electrons.

(g) Describe experiments to show electrostatic charging by induction.

(h) Describe examples where electrostatic charging may be a potential hazard.

(i) Describe the use of electrostatic charging in a photocopier, and apply the use of electrostatic charging to new situations.

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